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SUP Hire

Stand Up Paddle Board Hire


  • 1st hour – $25
  • Every hour there after – $15


  • Your Safety is our Number One Priority – all Life Jackets are included, but not compulsory. We will even offer you a “dry bag” free of charge.
  • What to bring: a bottle of water, sunscreen/hat/sunglasses, swimming gear as your clothes will get wet and a towel.
  • Your SUP journey starts on the foreshore at Bills Boat Hire, where the crew will point out the best destinations to visit and the current conditions on the day – tides and wind direction and give you a few tips on paddling your craft.
  • After you set off in the clear waters of the Pumicestone Passage, you will get the opportunity to paddle into the shallow waters that is a habitat for all sorts of Marine Species.  The Pumicestone Passage is a nursery for many of our unique Marine Species and Bird Life.
  • Then you can land your craft on the Northern end of Bribie Island, go for a 500 metre walk to the Eastern Side of the Island or paddle a little further down the Passage and it is only a 5 metre walk to the Eastern Side of the Island.
  • In under 10 minutes you can paddle to the Northern Tip of Bribie Island and enjoy the stunning views and the tranquility.  Maybe pack the picnic lunch and book for a couple of hours.  You can find your own piece of paradise and enjoy the solitude whilst overlooking the skyline of Caloundra.  Or maybe you would like to land on the sandbars with the soldier crabs or paddle through the shallow waters and experience a variety of marine life directly underneath you.  Maybe you will see stingrays, upside down jelly fish, sea cucumbers and a range of tinny schools of juvenile fish in nursery of the Pumicestone Passage.  The world is you oyster, and you can explore at your own pace.
  • Watch the Kayak/SUP safety video before you arrive to orientate yourself on your destinations and operation of your vessel.  It is also recommend paying the extra few dollars and requesting a kayak seat for more comfort and ease of manoeuvrability.
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